JOLI grows together with its clients and partners that share our vision and goals.

JOLI has been on the market for seven years. Seven years, during which we have been striving to earn the trust of our clients and partners and reach an even larger audience of customers. Seven years, during which JOLI develops and grows together with its clients.

The longevity of a brand is determined by its adaptability towards challenges and change, while preserving its vision and identity. Giants like Coca-Cola, Mercedes and McDonalds are just a few example of success, which pass the test of time. JOLI is determined follow them and overcome all challenges on our path while conserving our mission and values – to bring a sense of style and care to the customer.

Since its founding, the brand achieves steady growth rates. During 2015, JOLI marks nearly 90% yearly growth and during the next two years – 20% each. Adhering to the best global practices, the brand rise is supported by investments and innovations in the material base, which allow us to provide newer and newer products to the market.

JOLI growth

In 2018, JOLI again marks 84% growth while we do not stop with the upgrade of our factory. But the biggest success of the brand over the years is the trust and loyalty of our clients and partners, who share our goals and vision. With such a team, JOLI is bound to continue its path forward.