Manufacturing paper napkins is one of the core JOLI activities. Over the years we have constantly been upgrading our expertise and equipment in order to provide a quality and stylish products to our clients and partners. Our goal has always been to supply a wide and rich variety of napkins that will suit every taste and will blend into any kind of home décor. At the moment we provide napkins of sizes 40x40cm, 33x33cm, 24x24cm.

Paper Material

What is used in the production of JOLI napkins? Only the highest quality European paper with all the appropriate certification. The paper has been manufactured following the European guidelines, best practices, and standards. We work exclusively with companies that have an impeccable reputation in the paper production.

Paper Napkin Machines

JOLI paper napkins are manufactured using the latest napkins manufacturing and packing technology. We value style, perfection and professionalism and we strive to provide this to our customers via our products. Our versatile machines allow us to supply the biggest commercial chains in Bulgaria and the region. Moreover, we are always aiming to improve and innovate our equipment.

Paper Napkin Machines

Flawless Standards

The paper napkins manufacturing process is not complete without our great employees and hard efforts. Following the JOLI standards to perfection and customer care, our personnel makes sure that all products go out according to our highest Quality Assurance practices. 

Rich Portfolio

Explore our rich napkins portfolio and discover which product will fit your stand the best.