Kitchen towel rolls

Kitchen Towel Rolls from JOLI

Quality and stylish choice of 2 ply Kitchen Towel Rolls for everyday use. Rich variety of products, created with care for the customer and the family. JOLI Kitchen Towel Rolls are made of 100% cellulose.  

Economy class

Economy class kitchen towel roll

Economy Pack

Economy kitchen roll from the "Economy Pack" series. Stylish solution for the everyday use.


Middle class

Middle class kitchen towel roll

Jumbo Roll

Our kitchen roll from the "Jumbo Roll" series brings care and style to your kitchen.


Luxury class

Luxury class kitchen towel roll

Joli Basic

Luxury kitchen roll from the "Joli Basic" series. Style and quality for your family.

Luxury class kitchen towel roll


Luxury double kitchen roll from the "Deco" series. Stylish design and flawless quality.