Stylish and quality Napkins

We invite you to explore our rich portfolio of Napkins JOLI. Design and quality to suit everyone's taste. Our Napkins bring prestige and class to the stand and in the home - style, comfort and care. The products are developed to represent variety and individuality.  

Economic class

Economy class napkins

Kitchen Nakpins

Our napkins from the "Kitchen Napkins" series are economical and suitable for the everyday use.


Middle class

Color Napkins

Color napkins from the "Color Napkins" series. Wide variety of colors and stylish make.


Twin Pack Napkins

Double pack napkins from the "Twin Pack Napkins" series. Holding 170pcs, ideal for large gatherings.


Napkins 40x40 1/8

Cool napkins size 40x40 with a 1/8 fold


Luxury class

Elegance Napkins

Luxury napkins from the "Elegance Napkins" series. Beautiful colors and a larger than the standard size - 40cm.